The laminate Wear or Abrasion Class (AC) ratings is a very important feature of laminate flooring and should be considered carefully when choosing appropriate laminate material for your home. The table below will help you to make a good, well-informed decision.

Laminate is given an AC rating to measure resistance to moisture, burns, abrasions, impact and stains. The AC determines whether the product is suitable for a particular residential or commercial areas.

Abrasion Class Ratings

AC1 Moderate Residential Suits light traffic areas such as bedrooms and closets
AC2 General Residential Suits medium traffic areas such as living rooms and dining rooms
AC3 Heavy Residential/ Moderate Commercial Suits all rooms in a home and light traffic commercial spaces
AC4 General Commercial Suits all rooms in a home and medium traffic commercial spaces
AC5 Heavy Commercial Suits high traffic commercial spaces such as department stores

Most residential rooms need no more than an AC rating of 3, which is also suitable for commercial use as well.